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June 25, 2021

Yuchai Shows Great Confidence in Its Innovation

Founded in 1951, with 30 wholly-owned, holding and joint-stock subsidiaries, Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Yuchai Group) is an internal combustion engine manufacturing base with the most complete spectrum of products in the country.


In recent years, machinery manufacturing industry has been dropped off influenced by domestic and foreign economic situations, especially domestic overcapacity and unreasonable product structure. Reversely, Yuchai has sold over 3 million engines with the annualized revenues amount to RMB 40 billion.


Over the years, as China’s largest engine R&D manufacturing base, Yuchai adjusts and optimizes its industrial structure and constantly strengthens its capacity for independent innovation. Therefore, the key technology continues to be the top in the sector for further keeping its own top leader in the industry.




In 2013, seven world-class diesel-engine products for high-speed craft including YC4F launched by Yuchai, marked that Yuchai had the relatively well-developed spectrum of products in the marine & D-drive engine field of high speed craft.


In 2014, Yuchai had developed large marine & D-drive engines like YC12VC and YC16V. Thus, it changed the domestic market of high-end marine & D-drive engine dominated by foreign products, forming the new growth point of enterprises.


In 2015, China's first successful diesel engine developed by Yuchai had been developed.


Statistics shows that, over the five years, Yuchai has launched more than 60 new engine products by taking advantage of the environmental upgrading.


Innovation is the lifeblood of enterprise development. For this reason, Yuchai has continuously strengthened its capacity for independent innovation, dropped nearly RMB 4 billion on its R&D with the year-on-year growth of 112% over the past five years.


Yuchai has won three the second prizes of national science and technology progress awards including the ‘Key Technology and Application of Low-noise Design of Diesel Engine’ and ‘Key Technology and Industrialization of Energy-conserving and Environment-friendly Engines’ through independent innovation.


As the national diesel engine enterprise with tremendous R&D strength, Yuchai has given its priority to the country’s first Euro VI diesel engine, keeping pace with emissions upgrading, and centralized superior resources to develop the most competitive products. Yuchai is expected to invest RMB 5 billion on Euro VI alone, including RMB 2 billion in R&D. Accordingly, the corresponding software and hardware will also be upgraded.


The efforts by Yuchai brought about great results. On January 10 of this year, the lighting ceremony of Euro VI was launched at test center of engineering research institute. The success of the fire marked that Yuchai early stepped into the new era of Euro VI, and again took the lead by a number of cutting-edge technologies. 

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