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June 25, 2021

A low cost engine telematics device which supports mechanical and electronic engines has been launched by Perkins

Perkins has launched the world’s first low cost engine level telematics device – the Perkins® SmartCap – at its Seguin facility in Texas, US, today (June 29).


The company, which is celebrating its 85th anniversary, proudly unveiled its latest innovation, a ‘smart’ oil cap, which can be used on new and existing Perkins mechanical and electronic engines.


Designed to replace the oil filler cap, Perkins SmartCap is a low cost connectivity solution that allows end users to connect their mobile device to their engine via the free Perkins® My Engine App on their smartphone.


The cap monitors the Perkins engine and sends data direct to the Perkins My Engine App. The free app can be downloaded from the Apple and Google stores.


When combined, the Perkins SmartCap and Perkins My Engine App will give Perkins customers truly useful engine information including:

· Engine running hours

· Engine location

· Service reminders and service log

· Start / stop data

· Parts book and consumables information


Low cost engine level telematics. The Perkins® SmartCap can be fitted to any Perkins mechanical or electronic engine in a matter of minutes to instantly provide engine telematics.


“The low cost Perkins SmartCap in conjunction with the Perkins My Engine App will, for the first time, enable Perkins customers to easily track use of their engine and servicing requirements, locate their local Perkins distributor, see parts information and receive service updates, all in one place,” said Michael Wright, General Manager – Aftermarket.


“The app was launched at ConExpo in March and is already proving popular with end customers, as it allows them to register their Perkins engine, access their OMM (Operating Maintenance Manual) and parts book. A service record can also be kept, while the user can easily make contact with their local Perkins Distributor, through the Distributor Locator feature.


“The low cost cap and free app are very simple to use. Also, the fact the cap can be fitted to any Perkins mechanical or electronic engine in a matter of minutes and instantly provide engine telematics, will be appreciated by millions of Perkins end users both in the US and around the world.”


The Perkins My Engine App and Perkins SmartCap are ideally suited to owners and operators of Perkins powered machines, providing easy access to engine specific information such as; running hours, start / stop data, build list, series, type, model, Perkins Platinum Protection indicator, parts book, OMM, a consumable list, up and coming services and a completed service log.


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